Candidate Finances

Current as of Funds Raised Funds Spent Amount Remaining
May 31, 2020 $215,438,068.34 $133,009,615.49 $82,428,452.85

Mar. 31, 2020* $32,148,836.46 $30,257,967.19 $1,891.32
May 31, 2020 $287,457,577.94 $186,946,071.35 $108,123,209.51**
$535,044,482.74 $350,213,654.03 $190,553,553.68

*As of June 24, 2020, the FEC did not have May 31, 2020 financials for Jorgensen.

**The amount remaining (called "ending cash on hand" in FEC reports) reported by the Trump campaign is higher than difference between funds raised and funds spent because the campaign had money remaining from the 2016 election that has been added to the ending cash on hand total for the 2020 election, according to the FEC.


1. The Funds Raised category is listed as "receipts" by the FEC's campaign receipts report, and is calculated as the sum of total contributions (itemized individual contributions, unitemized individual contributions, party committees contributions, other committees contributions, and candidate contributions), total loans, total transfers, total offsets, and other receipts.

2. The Funds Spent category is listed as "disbursements" by the FEC's campaign disbursements report, and is calculated as the sum of operating expenditures, transfers to authorized committees, total loan repayments, total contribution refunds (individual refunds, political party refunds, and other committee refunds), and other disbursements.

3. The Amount Remaining category is listed as "ending cash on hand" by the FEC's campaign disbursements report.

4. The Personal Finances category contains a link to a PDF document of each candidates' public financial disclosure report when available. These are reports of each candidates' personal financial wealth, and have nothing to do with how much money each candidate has raised for his/her campaign.


Federal Election Commission (FEC), "Candidates for President," (accessed June 1, 2020)