Why These Candidates?

ProCon.org Selection Criteria for 2020 Candidate Inclusion

Below are the criteria ProCon.org uses to determine which presidential candidates we include on our website 2020 Election ProCon.org.

  1. Be legally eligible to become US President.

  2. File all of the proper paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and receive an FEC Candidate ID number.

  3. Exceed $10,000,000 in campaign contributions (excluding personal loans from the candidate because ProCon.org has determined that campaign contributions show wide support and thus indicate a viable candidate.*)

  4. For candidates who do not raise over $10 million: Win the national political party nomination for US president in one of the four parties whose candidates received over 250,000 votes in the 2016 presidential election (Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Republican).

When a candidate officially drops out of the race, we will no longer add information about them to the site.

*"Viable" is an internal definition that we use to set these criteria because, given our limited resources, we are unable to cover an unlimited number of candidates.