Lesson Plans: 2020 Election & Beyond

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Becoming US President
Students will learn about the process to become president from launching a campaign to Inauguration Day by tracking candidates.
Beyond a Two-Party System
Students will examine and report on a third party.
Campaign Photo Analysis
Students will choose and analyze a candidate photo objectively, emotionally, and formally.
Candidate Book Report
Students will read and write a report about a candidate's book.
Candidate Flip-Flop or Evolution
Students will analyze and evaluate candidate position changes.
Candidate Position Research
Students will research the position of a presidential candidate on a selected or assigned topic.
Candidate Position History Research
Students will research a candidate’s position over time.
Candidate Reflection Essay
Students will consider and write about their political opinions.
Do the Campaign Math
Students will explore the 2020 election candidates' finances.
Election Issue Comparison Chart
Students will explore candidate positions while examining and categorizing the nuance of the candidate’s opinions.
Election Role-Playing Debate
Students will research a candidate's position in order to role-play debate.
Election Topic Deep Dive
Students will examine one controversial topic for better contemporary and historical understanding of the issue.
Electoral College Philosophical Chairs Debate
Students will debate whether the Electoral College should be kept or abolished.
Get out the Vote Campaign
Students will create a get out the vote campaign after learning how to register to vote in their state.
Impeachment Explainer
Students will create their own nonpartisan impeachment explainer.
Meta Study: Political Brains
Students will examine scientific studies to come to a conclusion.
Political Issue Timeline
Students will trace a single political issue through presidential elections.
Presidential Electability
Students will use biographies for each candidate to explore the constitutional and societal requirements to be elected president.
Presidential Qualifications
Students will consider what qualifies a person to be president.
Presidential Succession
Students will learn about and critically evaluate the presidential succession.
Write an Election Day Letter
Students will write a persuasive letter arguing whether to make Election Day a national holiday.

These election plans were made possible thanks to generous support from The Herb Block Foundation.