Pete Buttigieg Position Changes

We are not suggesting that position changes are good or bad. We understand they are important to voters, which is why we have included them. We list the current position as Now X (Pro, Con, or Not Clearly Pro or Con) and the former position as Formerly Y (Pro, Con, or Not Clearly Pro or Con).
Now Pro

"We will support parents by ensuring universal access to affordable child care and pre-K, and offering new programs to bridge the gap after school and over the summer... PETE’S PLAN WILL:
  • Provide affordable, universal full-day child care and pre-K for all children from infancy to age 5, serving more than 20 million children with a landmark $700 billion investment."
Source: Pete Buttgieg, "Keeping the Promise for America's Children," (accessed Dec. 9, 2019)

Formerly Con

"I do support the concept of a child care allowance, or a child allowance, be it in the form of a tax credit or however we want to set it up."
Source: Brad Anna North, "We Asked All the 2020 Democrats How They'd Fix Child Care. Here's What They Said.,", July 5, 2019

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